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Join the University of Maryland Autism Research Consortium for a screening of "The Story of Luke", followed by a guest panel discussion.
Maryland Speech-Language Hearing Association The MSHA Annual Convention will be held May 1, 2015 at the North Baltimore Plaza Hotel, Timonium, Maryland. We anticipate another exciting program of... Read more
LEAP Preschool Wishlist Interested in supporting our LEAP Preschool going forward? Click below for our "Wish List" -- a list of new toys and materials that could use some freshening... Read more
As part of our involvement in the UMD "Rise Above Ableism" campaign, NSSLHA Community Service Officers recently investigated around campus to find... Read more
Nan Bernstein Ratner: American Association for the Advancement of Science Congratulations to Dr. Nan Bernstein Ratner, who has been named Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Election as an AAAS... Read more
Congratulations to Professor Gordon-Salant for her recent publication:Gordon-Salant, S., Yeni-Komshian, G. H., Fitzgibbons, P. J., & Cohen, J. I... Read more
Congratulations to Dr. Goupell for his two recent publications:Goupell, M. J.  & Litovsky, R.  (2015).  "Sensitivity to interaural... Read more
We had a crowd come out to learn about Current Brain Research in Autism with Dr. Elizabeth Redcay! If you missed this lecture, be sure to mark your calendars... Read more
Clinical assistant professor Vikki Mont designed a new course, HESP204, "Multicultural Issues in Communication and Communication Disorders”, as... Read more
The department of Hearing and Speech Sciences expresses its sincere condolences to its first clinic director, Dorothy Craven, on the passing of her... Read more
Ross-Sheehy, S. & Newman R. S. (2015).  Infant auditory short-term memory for non-linguistic sounds.  J. Experimental Child Psychology. (e-pub... Read more
Cochlear Implant Congratulations to Dr. Goupell on his two recent publications, in the Journal of Acoustical Society of America, and the e-publication Ear Hear!  ... Read more
Congratulations to Professor Colleen Worthington, on the publication of the 5th edition of her textbook co-authored with Froma Roth, which officially came out... Read more
Cochlear Implant (MASH) Conference Speaker Congratulations to the Auditory Perception & Modeling Lab for putting on a very successful conference, the 3rd Mid-Atlantic Seminar on Hearing (MASH), Jan... Read more
The department of Hearing and Speech Sciences expresses its sincere condolences to the Young family on the recent passing of Karin E. Young. Karin Young... Read more
American Auditory Society Congratulations to Will Bologna, Olga Stakhovskaya, Hannah Willison, and Kim Jenkins, who have just been awarded mentored student travel awards to present... Read more
Congratulations to CAUD student Jaclyn Schurman and Dr. Sandy Gordon-Salant, for their recent publication in the December issue of the Journal of the... Read more
We wish you all the best in future endeavors!
Honors of ASHA Nan Bernstein Ratner Professor Ratner received the award at a banquet in Orlando on November 21st, in conjunction with the annual ASHA convention. Honors of the Association... Read more
Senior Marshal winner Rebecca Sherman The Senior Marshal program, founded in 1991, recognizes graduating seniors who have demonstrated the highest levels of scholarship, service to the campus... Read more
Clinical assistant professor Eusabia (Vikki) Mont Congratulations to Vikki Mont, who will be presenting at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE) conference, along... Read more
2014 ASHA Convention Congratulations to the large number of Maryland students and recent alums who presented at ASHA, including alumnae Pei-Tzu Tsai, Catherine Eaton, Amanda... Read more
Neuropsychologia 2014 Congratulations to Dr. Samira Anderson for her recent publication in Neuropsychologia, entitled "Partial maintenance of auditory-based cognitive training... Read more
The development and malleability of executive control abilities Congratulations to both Nina Hsu and Jared Novick on their recent paper: Hsu, N. S., Novick, J. M., & Jaeggi, S. M. (2014). The development and... Read more
Nina Hsu, Post-Doc Congratulations to postdoctoral researcher Nina Hsu, who has recently been awarded a 3-year NRSA postdoctoral fellowship, entitled "Dynamic and... Read more
The department of Hearing and Speech Sciences expresses its sincere condolences to the Resnick family on the recent passing of Dr. Dave Resnick.  Dr... Read more
Dr. Sandra Gordon-Salant Congratulations to Dr. Sandy Gordon-Salant, and former student Danielle Zion, for their new publication, “Recognition of time-compressed speech does not... Read more
Will Bologna, PhD Student in Hearing and Speech Sciences Congratulations to Will Bologna, who was recently awarded an ASHA New Century Scholars Doctoral Scholarship.  The ASHA Foundation awards $10,000... Read more
Professor Nan Bernstein Ratner, University of Maryland The International Fluency Association is a not-for-profit, international, interdisciplinary organization devoted to the understanding and management of fluency... Read more
Since early childhood, Goldstein, 24, has had a stutter. Despite his speech impediment, he spent a year in Israel teaching English, graduated with almost a 4.0... Read more
We are collecting:Hair care packaging such as shampoo bottles and caps, conditioner bottles and caps, hair gel tubes and caps, hair spray bottles and triggers... Read more
Congratulations to alumna Justine Dombroski, whose UMD undergraduate honors thesis has just been accepted for publication in the Journal of the Acoustical... Read more
Margaret Kahwaty has been selected to be among the 2014-2015 Merrill Presidential Scholars.  Click here for more information! Read more
Journal of Child Language Congratulations to alumna Amelie Bail, whose HESP M.A. Thesis, "Look at the gato! Code-switching in speech to toddlers” has just been accepted... Read more
Allison Catalano Congratulations to Allison Catalano, whose poster for ASHA was scored in the top ten highest scoring posters out of all 280 undergraduate research poster... Read more
Amanda Eisner, UMD Undergraduate Alumna Congratulations to Amanda Eisner, whose poster for ASHA was scored in the top ten highest scoring posters out of all 280 undergraduate research poster... Read more
Dr. Yasmeen Faroqi-Shah, University of Maryland Hearing and Speech Sciences Department Dr. Faroqi-Shah, in collaboration with Dr. Bolger (Department of Human Development), Dr. Slevc (Department of Psychology) and Dr. Zeffiro (Neurometrica) have... Read more
Katie Lippit Congratulations to Katie Lippit, who has been selected to participate in ASHA’s PROmoting the next GENeration of Researchers (PROGENY) program for the... Read more
Congratulations to Allison Catalano for her Meritorious Poster Submission recognition! Allison's poster submission, entitled "The Use of Prosody to Infer Discourse Status in Degraded Speech", received the "Meritorious Poster Submission"... Read more
Dr. Samira Anderson Dr. Anderson received a Hearing Health Foundation Emerging Research Grant for her project entitled:  “Neural adaptation in new hearing aid users.” ... Read more
Dr. Matt Goupell The title of his project is: "Age-induced decline in audition and cognition in people with and without cochlear implants". 
Concussion Drawing This proposal is to help fund a series of studies investigating the effect of sports-related concussion on children’s language skills, and to support... Read more
University of Maryland Logo   Margaret McCabe, Au.D., CCC-A Vivian Sisskin, M.S., CCC-SLP, BCS-F... Read more