Event Date and Time
McKeldin Library, Room 2111

"When I first came to UMD and looked into the UMD Autism Research Consortium, I did not see a place for myself--a way that I could become involved. Separately, when I looked into Autism support groups in the area, I found that they were for parents of children with Autism, or located further south in DC and northern Virginia. This past Winter, I began to think of a way to solve both of those problems--by starting my own support group based on campus. I am pleased to announce that I am ready embark upon this venture." - Zachary Tumlin

Target Audience 

• Participants should be Autistic or suspect that they might be.
• Not limited to University of Maryland College Park students.

Contact Information 

• Zachary Tumlin, ztumlin [at] terpmail.umd.edu
Autism Support Group led by and for Autistics