Labs, Collaborations, and Initiatives

Our faculty and students in Hearing and Speech Sciences are highly involved in research, collaborations, and initiatives, both within our department and across departments at UMD. See below to explore the wide variety of interdisciplinary research that is being conducted through and with the HESP department:


Hearing and Speech Sciences Lab NamePrimary Resarcher        
Aphasia Research Center   Aphasia Research Center Facebook Link  Dr. Yasmeen Faroqi Shah
Auditory Perception and Modeling LaboratoryDr. Matthew Goupell
Dr. Rochelle Newman
Canine Language Perception Lab Dr. Rochelle Newman
Hearing Science LabDr. Sandra Gordon-Salant

Cognitive Control and Language Processing Lab

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Dr. Jared Novick

Hearing Brain Lab

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Dr. Samira Anderson
Language and Cognition LaboratoryDr. Yi Ting Huang
Language Development & Perception LaboratoriesDr. Rochelle Newman

Learning to Talk Lab

Dr. Jan Edwards

Little Listeners Lab 

Dr. Jan Edwards

Ratner Lab

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Dr. Nan Bernstein Ratner


University-wide Collaborations

Collaboration NameAssociated HESP Researchers

Neuroscience and Cognitive Science (NACS)

Brain and Behavior Initiative (BBI)

Center for Comparative and Evolutionary Biology of Hearing (CCEBH)

Center For Advanced Study of Language (CASL)  CASL Facebook Link
Infant and Child Studies Consortium  Infant Studies Consortium Facebook Link
Maryland Neuroimaging Center  Maryland Neuroimaging Center Facebook Link  Maryland Neuroimaging Center FourSquare Link
Maryland Language Science Center
Project on Avoidance Reduction Therapy
University of Maryland Autism Research Consortium Aphasia Research Center Facebook Link


Collaborations Beyond Campus


Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area

The University of Maryland is part of the Consortium of Universities of the Metropolitan Washington Area, which allows eligible undergraduate and graduate students to enroll in classes at other participating area universities and have the credit count towards their degrees.

The consortium includes:

Information on eligibility and procedures are available on Testudo.

Course exclusions (Testudo)


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Center for Evolutionary Biology of Hearing


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