The Hearing and Speech Department has many initiatives and ongoing projects, with both research and clinical focuses. Check back often to learn about exciting initiatives lead by HESP faculty members:

Sports Concussion

Traumatic Brain Injury and Sports Concussion





Cochlear Implant Lab

Cochlear Implant Research and Clinical Services





Child in Speech Therapy

University of Maryland Autism Research Consortium





Child in Language Development Lab

Infant Cognition and Early Intervention







Communication Partner Training

Communication Partner Training for Caregivers of Persons with Aphasia






Woman Getting Hearing Tested

Supporting Hearing Assistive Technology in Long-Term Care Facilities






LSVT "LOUD CROWD" Group Member

"LOUD For LIFE" Therapy and Support Group for People with Parkinson's Disease






Speech Therapy Telepractice

Telepractice in Speech-Language Pathology






Speech Therapy Telepractice

Language Diversity Initiative







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