Aphasia Communication Partner Training

Join our aphasia community through our Communication Partner Training series! These free workshops are held three times a year, here on the University of Maryland campus. These workshops are designed to help friends and family learn more about aphasia and the strategies we can use to better communicate with loved ones who have communication difficulties. Better communication can lead to fewer feelings of isolation and better emotional health for persons with aphasia and their families.

The workshops include discussions, seminars about aphasia and communication, and one-on-one conversational coaching carried out by graduate students. Pre- and post-workshop video recordings are taken and will be analyzed for the efficacy of the approach employed by this workshop. In this way, these workshops combine outreach and service with research for evidence-based practice.

Workshops are typically held on a Saturday in October, February, and June of each year. Please visit the Aphasia Community Facebook events for our current schedule. For more information please contact Kristin Slawson at kslawson [at] umd.edu.

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