Because of generous donations from alumni and friends of the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, we are able to provide additional resources to students who may have sudden, unexpected financial challenges. The HESP Student Emergency Support Fund provides one-time, limited emergency financial support for HESP students who experience unexpected financial hardship that may impede their academic or clinical progress towards their degree.  To be considered for a grant from the HESP Student Emergency Support Fund, students must be current HESP majors, HESP minors, or HESP graduate students, experiencing exceptional financial needs that cannot be supported by other mechanisms.  Awards do not need to be repaid; some awards may be considered taxable income by the IRS.  Examples of expenses considered include, but are not limited to:
  • unexpected medical expenses
  • emergency housing expenses
  • replacement of belongings after a robbery or fire
  • unexpected or emergency transportation or commuting expenses
Requests are evaluated by a team of faculty members; in some cases additional information may be required to evaluate a request.
Are you a non-resident alien? (This information is needed for financial awards)
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