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The Hearing and Speech Sciences commencement ceremony took place at 12:30pm on Friday, May 20th, 2016 in the memorial chapel. Refreshments were served prior to the ceremony from 10:30am-12:00pm in the portico. 


Our Commencement Speaker: Dr. Margaret McCabe

Dr. Margaret McCabe


Dr. Margaret McCabe is a Clinical Professor and audiologist at the University of Maryland Hearing & Speech Clinic in College Park. She has worked with patients and students for more than 35 years and she has taught graduate level coursework in Hearing Aids and Supervision. She is an active member of The American Academy of Audiology, The American Auditory Society, and The American Speech/Language & Hearing Association, and she is licensed to practice Audiology in the State of Maryland. She was recently featured on the BSOS site



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AuD Students in Caps and Gowns
Doctor of Audiology and Doctor of Philosophy Graduates
SLP Students in Caps and Gowns Some Undergraduate Students in Caps and Gowns
MA in Speech-Language Pathology Graduates Baccalaureate Graduates



Chelsea Vogel Chelsea Vogel, Outstanding Au.D. Student
Candace Nuzzo Michiels Candace Nuzzo Michiels, Outstanding SLP Student
Kerianna Frederick Kerianna Frederick, Outstanding Undergraduate Student
Ashlyn Vander Woude

Ashlyn Vander Woude, Rao Family Award in Memory of Carol Frattali

(for a committment to research and practice in adult neurogenics)






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