EFFECT is recruiting starting at the end of January and going through May! They have two spots left in their group, and would love to have your teen join!

EFFECT is for high-school age students that need support with their executive functioning skills. It consists of a weekly 50-minute dyad and one weekly 1-hour group done in the virtual platform. There are two coaches per dyad.

They work on executive function skills in a project-based, preferred activity. Teens learn how to plan, organize, manage time, prioritize, and submit tasks using graphic organizers such as mapping and webs as well as technology from Google Suite. EFFECT is a great way to improve your child's executive functioning skills while working on a topic they are interested in!

Adolescence is also a time of significant brain and cognitive development and, related to these developments, significant changes in communication functions. Executive functions are related to important academic and career outcomes. This program can help target these skills as executive function skills are developing and prepare students for the future.

EFFECT is fee-based, but there is financial assistance available on a case-by-case basis.

To apply for this program and secure your spot, please email umd-teenpeers-effect [at] umd.edu They look forward to hearing from you soon!

EFFECT recruitment