The Rao Family Award is a scholarship for students in their first year of Masters in Speech-Language Pathology who intend to pursue a career focusing on adult neurogenics. The award’s purpose is to allow the student to enhance their knowledge of adult neurogenics. Criteria for the award include a demonstrated record of high academic and clinical achievement in the MA program, plans to pursue a career serving adult neurogenic populations, and tangible plans for increasing their knowledge of adult neurogenics. The amount of the award is a maximum of $2500.

To be considered for this award, you need to submit the following materials in a single pdf:

  • Application Form: Download Application (Word)
  • An essay about your interest in adult neurogenic disorders, and your specific plan (with timeline) of enhancing your knowledge of adult neurogenics, and how this award will help you achieve that plan. Applications that have a specific plan (instead of something generic like attending the ASHA convention) will be given preference (in addition to other factors). Expenses could include specific trainings and certifications outside of HESP, expenses towards thesis research, and other opportunities that increase your knowledge of adult neurogenics. The essay should not exceed 1000 words.
  •  Resume
  • A copy of your unofficial transcript Please combine all these materials into a single pdf (using Acrobat or pdfbinder). 

Click here to see past winners.

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