Chuck Howell

Library Specialist in Hearing & Speech Sciences

Phone: 301-314-0401

Email:chuckh [at] (subject: Hearing%20and%20Speech%20Library%20Specialist)



Hearing and Speech Sciences Library Guide


What The Library Specialist Can Offer:

Graduate Student or Faculty Orientations/ Update Sessions

Upon request, the subject specialist librarian will conduct an orientation to library resources and services geared specifically for graduate students or faculty in your department. He can also provide periodic update sessions upon request. Find out more here, or contact Chuck Howell at 301-314-0401 or chuckh [at] (chuckh)mattlage [at] (subject: Hearing%20and%20Speech%20Library%20Specialist%20) (

Subject-Specific Instructional Classes

Upon request, the subject specialist librarian for your department will conduct a class in information literacy skills designed for a particular course or group. He can offer suggestions for creating an effective library-related assignment.

Course-Related Web Pages

Upon request, the subject specialist librarian for your department will create a Web page of print and electronic resources selected specifically for your class assignment(s). Typically, this is done in conjunction with an information literacy instruction session. Find out more.

Individual or Small Group Consulations

By appointment, a student, faculty, or staff member may meet with the subject specialist librarian to discuss the research process, find appropriate print or electronic resources, obtain instruction in database searching for a specific project, assignment, and more.

Answers to Your Questions

The subject specialist librarian will answer or help you to find the answers to questions you may have about library policies, services, databases, and any other research or library related questions. See the Ask Us Webpage for options for quick answers to general questions or contact your librarian directly. For an overview of Library research resources available, see the Libraries Services Guide, or see the HESP Research Resources page.

Collection Development

The subject specialist librarian for your department is the Selector of materials for designated subject areas of the collection. The Selector accepts requests and recommendations from faculty, students, and staff but makes final decisions regarding the purchases, cancellations, withdraws, and transfers of print and electronic resources.

For More Information

For more information on library services and resources for faculty and graduate students, please see the UM Libraries Services Guide or contact Alan Mattlage at mattlage [at] (subject: Hearing%20and%20Speech%20Library%20Specialist%20) .

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