Student representatives join the HESP Diversity Committee

In January 2021, student representatives joined the D&I committee to bring student perspectives and input to the committee's efforts. The student representatives will serve as full committee members and have already joined subcommittees to contribute to various, ongoing projects. In addition, the students are leading the charge in improving communication between the faculty and HESP students (in all degree programs), specifically related to issues involving equity and inclusion.

Development of a mechanism for anonymous reporting

The D&I committee is working with HESP faculty and students to develop a student survey to determine the need and scope for anonymous reporting of issues related to diversity and inclusion in the department. Should the survey indicate that students believe there is a need for such a mechanism, the committee will work to develop and implement it within the department.

Student feedback forums

The DEI student reps will be hosting anonymous Student Feedback Forums to provide an opportunity for HESP undergrad and graduate students to have open, small group discussions about issues related to diversity and inclusion. Topics or issues can be submitted anonymously for group discussions in a confidential manner. Keep an eye out for announcements re: dates and times of these sessions.

Re-activation of CLISO

We are in the process of re-activating the Cultural Leadership Initiative Student Organization (CLISO). Stay tuned for more information about CLISO’s efforts and how to join. Check out their website:

Changes to department admissions

To improve diversity in our graduate programs and ultimately, our professions, the HESP Admissions, and Financial Aid Committee is looking to recruit and retain students from diverse backgrounds who bring unique perspectives to our programs.

  • Our Admissions Committee is taking a holistic approach to application reviews for our three graduate programs (CAUD, SLP, and Ph.D.). Admission is based on the applicant’s personal statement, life experiences, and letters of recommendation, rather than GRE scores and GPAs.
  • For years, our Admissions committee has given preferences to applicants from diverse backgrounds
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