This course is designed to provide an understanding of normal neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of speech and language. It will also provide preliminary information regarding pathologic processes, especially those affecting speech and language.
Course Offerings:
    Summer 2021Instructor: Jessica Duran
    Summer 2020Instructor: Jessica Duran
    Summer 2019Instructor: Jessica Duran
    Summer 2018Instructor: Jessica Duran
    Summer 2017Instructor: Melissa D. Stockbridge
    Winter 2017Instructor: Donna Tippett
Integrates foundational knowledge pertaining to bilingualism in speech-language pathology. This course provides students with a framework for working with individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. This course is designed to educate and train student clinicians to serve as bilingual speech-language pathologists.
Course Offerings:
    Spring 2022Instructor: Eliza Thompson
    Summer 2021Instructor: José Ortiz
    Summer 2020Instructor: José Ortiz
    Summer 2019Instructor: José Ortiz
Principles, methods, and procedures for categorizing, understanding, an developing augmentative and alternative communication.
Course Offerings:
    Summer 2021Instructor: Tonya Williams Walker
    Summer 2020Instructor: Tonya Williams Walker
    Summer 2019Instructor: Tonya Williams Walker
    Summer 2018Instructor: Tonya Williams Walker
    Summer 2017Instructor: Tonya Williams Walker
    Summer 2016Instructor: Tonya Williams Walker
Comprehensive examination of the anatomy and physiology of the peripheral as well as the central auditory and vestibular systems. Both afferent and efferent pathways will be considered. Applications of basic auditory neuroscience to contemporary clinical audiology practice will be highlighted.
Course Offerings:
    Summer 2023Instructor: Matthew Goupell
    Summer 2022Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Summer 2021Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Summer 2020Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Summer 2019Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Summer 2018Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Summer 2017Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Summer 2016Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Summer 2015Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Summer 2014Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
Principles, methods and procedures for aural rehabilitation/habilitation in children and adults.
Course Offerings:
    Summer 2021Instructor: Lacey Curry
    Summer 2020Instructor: Lacey Curry
    Summer 2019Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus
    Summer 2017Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Summer 2016Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Summer 2016Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Summer 2014Instructor: Unlisted/TBD