News and Events Archive

Date Posted News/Event Title
03/26/2018 Developmental Science Field Committee Talk: Dialect mismatch and learning to read: Research to practice
01/22/2018 A huge congratulations to HESP student Xaria Crawford, who was awarded the Gilman Scholarship for spring 2018!
06/08/2018 The Stuttering Foundation 2018 Workshop: Treating Children and Adolescents Who Stutter
01/04/2018 Congratulations to the HESP students who graduated Fall semester!
01/04/2018 Congratulations to our long-term adjunct faculty member, Chris Zalewski, for the publication of his new book, "Rotational Vestibular Assessment"!
12/04/2017 HESP Seminar Series: Can we predict phonological awareness in children as young as 2 ½-years- old?
11/16/2017 UMARC lecture: Autism and Workplace Inclusion
11/05/2017 Free Speech and Hate Speech at UMD
11/03/2017 Congratulations to Jared Novick on having his proposal for a new I-series class approved by the university! The class is: HESP214, "Should I Buy That?: Comparing Media and Commercial Headlines with Scientific Evidence from Brain & Behavior Research"
11/02/2017 Congratulations to AuD alumnae Rachel Lieberman & Kate Bostic Van Dyke, PhD alumnus Alex Presacco and Samira Anderson, for their new paper
11/02/2017 Congratulations to PhD student Michelle Erskine, who received a student travel award to attend the Boston University Conference on Child Language this week, where she is presenting "Understanding the effects of dialect familiarity on lexical processing ef
11/02/2017 Congratulations to PhD student Allie Johnson, who received a Student Research Travel Award (SRTA) to attend the ASHA Convention in Los Angeles, California!