Project Name Project Sponsor Principal Investigator
Optimizing bilateral and single-sided deafness cochlear implants for functioning in complex auditory environments NIH-NIDCD Goupell, Matthew
Peripheral and central contributions to auditory temporal processing deficits and speech understanding in older cochlear implantees NIH-NIDCD Goupell, Matthew
Binaural unmasking of tones and speech in bilateral cochlear implantees NIH Goupell, Matthew
The effect of sports-related concussion on children’s language skills Newman, Rochelle
The effect of dialect/accent on children's word recognition Newman, Rochelle
Early perceptual, cognitive and linguistic skills in infants at-risk for autism Newman, Rochelle
The effect of noise on infants' and children's language understanding Newman, Rochelle
Speech and nonspeech predictors of later language development National Science Foundation Newman, Rochelle
How Autism affects understanding in multitalker environments Department of Defense - Army Newman, Rochelle
New tools for new questions: A multi-site approach to studying the development of selective attention in crib bilinguals National Science Foundation Newman, Rochelle
The Effectiveness of Avoidance Reduction Therapy for Stuttering in a Group Setting Sisskin, Vivian
The Atypical Disfluency Project Sisskin, Vivian
Functional hearing evaluation for military occupational specialties Creare, Inc. Gordon-Salant, Sandra
Impact of auditory-visual distraction on communication Gordon-Salant, Sandra
Speech processing algorithms for elderly listeners with hearing loss ADVANCE Program Gordon-Salant, Sandra
Auditory temporal processes, speech perception and aging Natiional Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health Gordon-Salant, Sandra