Mentoring is a critical component for successful, professional outcomes for many students, particularly students from diverse backgrounds. Building authentic, cross-cultural relationships is at the heart of CLD-EP. Through mentorship, we seek to amplify BIPOC voices and perspectives within our professional community to reduce health & educational disparities. Our program offers students an opportunity to learn from diverse clinicians in the surrounding community and address diversity and cultural humility within the profession of speech pathology. Building on the idea of community partnerships, the Mentorship Network pairs first-year graduate students with diverse professionals to discuss topics surrounding diversity within the profession of speech pathology. 

What is mentorship?

"Mentoring is a collaborative learning relationship between individuals who share mutual responsibility and accountability for helping the mentee work toward the fulfillment of clear and mutually defined learning goals." 

Mentoring is a developmental partnership through which one person shares knowledge, skills, information, and perspectives to foster someone else's personal and professional growth.

Become a CLD-EP Mentor!

Being a mentor requires commitment and consistent engagement. We are interested in meeting new community mentors! Please see a sample of our Mentorship Handbook to learn more about our program.

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