2023 Grand Challenges Grants

PI Name Co-PIs Grant Type Project Title 
Donald Bolger José Ortiz, Rachel RomeoNan Bernstein RatnerJason ChowEliza Thompson, Rochelle Newman, et al. Institutional Grant

Maryland Initiative for Literacy & Equity (MILE)

Yi Ting Huang  Kathy Dow-Burger, Carol Espy-Wilson, Elizabeth Redcay, et al.  Team Project Grant

Fostering Inclusivity through Technology (FIT)

2023 BBI Seed Grants

PI Name Co-PIs Project Title 
Eliza Thompson Rachel Romeo, Christopher Metzler Toward an adaptive view of neural synchrony: Assessing moment-to-moment dynamics during caregiver-child brain-to-brain synchrony in majority-BIPOC, low-SES dyads
Samira Anderson Nick Pandža, Jonathan Simon Toward a non-linguistic measure of auditory processing deficits in older and younger monolingual and bilingual adults

2022 Teaching & Learning Grant

PI Name Co-PIs Project Title 
Eusebia Mont Samira Anderson, Eric Hoover, Nicole Nguyen, Jose Ortiz, Sarah SohnsEliza Thompson Reaching all students: An active-learning approach to infusing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the curriculum


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