Fundamentals of hearing, including the physics of sound, anatomy and physiology of peripheral and central auditory nervous system, psychophysical procedures used in measurement of auditory sensation and perception, and topics in psychological acoustics.

Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C- in HESP311; or permission of BSOS-Hearing & Speech Sciences department. Restriction: Must be in Hearing and Speech Sciences program; or permission of BSOS-Hearing & Speech Sciences department.
Credits: 3
Grading Method: Regular, Pass-Fail, Audit

Course Offerings

    Spring 2020Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Spring 2018Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Fall 2017Instructor: Jaclyn Schurman
    Spring 2017Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Spring 2016Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Fall 2015Instructor: Julie Cohen
    Spring 2015Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Spring 2014Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus