An introduction to communication sciences and disorders; a survey of th bases of normal speech, language and hearing ability, major forms of communicative disorders and their treatment.
Course Offerings:
    Fall 2023Instructor: Sarah ZsakCo-Instructor: Christina Shields
    Spring 2023Instructor: Sarah ZsakCo-Instructor: Christina Shields
    Fall 2022Instructor: Christina Shields
    Fall 2022Instructor: Unlisted/TBDCo-Instructor: Christina Shields
    Fall 2022Instructor: Sarah ZsakCo-Instructor: Christina Shields
    Spring 2022Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Fall 2021Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Spring 2021Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Fall 2020Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Spring 2020Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
Fundamentals of hearing, including the physics of sound, anatomy and physiology of peripheral and central auditory nervous system, psychophysical procedures used in measurement of auditory sensation and perception, and topics in psychological acoustics.
Course Offerings:
    Spring 2023Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Spring 2022Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Spring 2021Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Spring 2020Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Spring 2018Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Fall 2017Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Spring 2017Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Spring 2016Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
    Fall 2015Instructor: Unlisted/TBD
    Spring 2015Instructor: Matthew GoupellView: Syllabus
Course Offerings:
    Spring 2023Instructor: Matthew Goupell
    Fall 2022Instructor: Matthew Goupell
    Fall 2022Instructor: Jared Novick
    Spring 2022Instructor: Matthew GoupellCo-Instructor: Jared Novick
    Fall 2021Instructor: Matthew Goupell
Advanced clinical and experimental methods of evaluating the peripheral and central auditory system using acoustic stimuli. Procedural considerations and interpretation of test results.
Course Offerings:
    Spring 2023Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus
    Spring 2022Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus
    Spring 2021Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus
    Spring 2020Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus
    Spring 2019Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus
    Spring 2018Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus
    Spring 2017Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus
    Spring 2016Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus