Analysis of the normal processes of speech and language development in children.
Course Offerings:
    Fall 2020Instructor: Kathleen Skinker
    Fall 2020Instructor: Tonya Williams Walker
    Spring 2018Instructor: Yi Ting Huang
    Fall 2017Instructor: Yi Ting Huang
    Fall 2017Instructor: Tonya Williams Walker
    Spring 2017Instructor: Eusabia Mont
    Fall 2016Instructor: Tonya Williams Walker
    Fall 2016Instructor: Yi Ting HuangView: Syllabus
    Summer 2016Instructor: Eusabia Mont
    Spring 2016Instructor: Yi Ting Huang
Survey of the dysarthrias and aphasias in adults from an interdisciplinary point of view.
Course Offerings:
    Fall 2017Instructor: Yasmeen Faroqi Shah
    Fall 2016Instructor: Yasmeen Faroqi Shah
    Fall 2015Instructor: Yasmeen Faroqi Shah
    Fall 2014Instructor: Kristin Slawson
    Fall 2013Instructor: Kristin Slawson
Principles and techniques of physiological and electrophysiological measures of the audio-vestibular mechanisms.
Course Offerings:
    Fall 2020Instructor: Samira Anderson
    Fall 2017Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus
    Fall 2016Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus
    Fall 2015Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus
    Fall 2014Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus
    Fall 2013Instructor: Samira AndersonView: Syllabus