Principles, methods and procedures for selection, fitting, calibration and management of amplification systems for hearing-impaired children and adults.
Course Offerings:
    Fall 2020Instructor: Eric Hoover
    Fall 2019Instructor: Eric HooverView: Syllabus
    Fall 2018Instructor: Eric HooverView: Syllabus
    Fall 2017Instructor: LaGuinn Sherlock
    Fall 2016Instructor: LaGuinn Sherlock
    Fall 2015Instructor: LaGuinn SherlockCo-Instructor: Margaret McCabe
Poverty is bad for people and it is particularly bad for children. There is a large body of research documenting the negative effect of poverty on children’s physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive development. The focus of this seminar is on how poverty affects children’s linguistic development. In recent years, research on poverty and language has focused on the “word gap,” the oft-cited observation from Hart and Risley (1995) that by age 3, children growing up in poverty have been exposed to 30 million fewer words than their peers growing up in upper-middle class families.
Course Offerings:
    Fall 2018Instructor: Jan EdwardsView: Syllabus