Courses Offered in Spring 2015

HESP400: Speech and Language Development in Children
Analysis of the normal processes of speech and language development in children.
Spring 2015 Instructor: Yi Ting Huang
HESP407: Bases of Hearing Science
Fundamentals of hearing, including the physics of sound, anatomy and physiology of peripheral and central auditory nervous system, psychophysical procedures used in measurement of auditory sensation and perception, and topics in psychological acoustics.
Spring 2015 Instructor: Matthew Goupell View Syllabus
HESP602: Neurological Bases of Human Communication
Basic neurology as it pertains to anatomical and physiological substrates of speech and language.
HESP610: Language Disorders in Adults
Etiology, diagnosis and management of language problems of adults associated with aging, brain injury and degenerative conditions.
HESP620: Speech Production Disorders Across the Lifespan
Assessment and treatment of phonological, articulatory and resonance disorders arising from various etiologies including developmental conditions, structural abnormalities, and nervous system damage.
HESP724: Research Design
This course focuses on experimental design and scientific writing. We discuss basic elements in the design of empirical studies, evaluation of various types of experimental and descriptive research designs, ethics in research, and how to write up the results of a research study.
Spring 2015 Instructor: Matthew Goupell View Syllabus